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Welcome To ArchapeX,

Paper Performing

It's not just paper, it's a process.

Paper is one of the oldest and most versatile man-made materials and we constantly change how we use it and what we use it for.

ArchapeX is dedicated to changing the ways we use paper today for tomorrows needs. 

We develop paper based products for our customers and sell those products to them.  From the paper mill through the converter network we manage a product to make sure it is exactly what you, the customer, requires.  
Real world challenges present opportunities to improve our customers' products and their bottom lines.
When your needs are completely understood, we can contract with dozens of paper mills, converting operations and chemical companies to create engineered products.  You receive the most efficient manufacturing processes available for each application. We analyze your requirements only by your needs, not by our fixed asset capabilities. This is the only way to assure you receive the most efficient process.​


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